I’m not gonna lie to you, internet stranger. It’s been a rough stretch. I have been in a state of relatively arrested development for about three years now. And now that the world is returning to some semblance of normalcy after our sojourn into Pandemic Hell, it’s high time I broke my personal stalemate. I […]

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Brighter Horizons

Welcome back! Winter has come and gone, and Spring hath sprunk. The world is looking considerably brighter than it did this time last year. In fact, it finally feels like the calendar is moving again, after being trapped in stasis since March 2020. Here are a few personal updates since November: I am now a

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Hello World! 2.0 is now live! Welcome, thank you for visiting, and happy autumn! Everything on this site has been completely redone from the ground up. New WordPress theme. Renovated professional portfolios. Fresh updates on my novels, design projects, and several brand new stand-alone stories for your perusal. I plan on producing updates like this about

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