Hello World!

HankWhitson.com 2.0 is now live! Welcome, thank you for visiting, and happy autumn!

A fond reminder of simpler times – 2017 trip to Nara, Japan

Everything on this site has been completely redone from the ground up. New WordPress theme. Renovated professional portfolios. Fresh updates on my novels, design projects, and several brand new stand-alone stories for your perusal.

I plan on producing updates like this about once a season, though I will chime in with big life updates should they occur. Right now, I am focusing on surviving the holidays and finishing my query draft of AMAGIA before Christmas so I can shoot it off to agents and publishers early in 2021.

Calling this hellish year tumultuous would be like describing the ocean as a bit damp, and it has hit us all in ways we can’t imagine, but it seems like we are finally turning the corner. Better times are ahead someday and they will be worth the wait.

I hope you and yours are healthy and safe, if not happy and thriving. We’ll get through this together. -Hank