Anno Amagium Shorts

These are stand-alone stories set in the same universe as my current novel, AMAGIA.

Volumes of Silence
Magic librarians deal with an intrusive, dangerous presence.

Shoveling Doubt
An exorcist contends with a crisis of faith. Also, demons.

Two Dog Night
A homicide reporter with a secret pursues a dangerous vendetta.

That Dust Life
A small-time drug dealer gets in way over his head. (First of a forthcoming trilogy)

Grim Business
A reckless and distraught mortician makes an unexpected discovery.

Older Shorts

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a devil walks into a bar, damned to do cosmic community service.

A young artist contends with an unenviable condition. Many of the concepts in TRESPASSERS and AMAGIA are foreshadowed in this short.