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About the World

Anno Amagium is my current long-form, long-term fiction endeavor, encompassing interconnected novels, shorts, and a web serial. The world and characters have been in development for 3 years.

These stories are set in a modern-day, alternative version of Earth where everyone has the inborn capacity to perform magic. These potentially destructive powers are governed by a global order known as the Amagium, which enforces a strict system of magic licensure that dictates what sort of spells and magical technology can be used by the general public.

As you might expect, it is firmly situated in the contemporary/urban fantasy genre with alternate history flourishes. I am looking to simultaneously embrace the genre’s pulpy tropes, while bringing in a broader array of influences including The Wire, The Witcher, and a whole lot of anime.

About the Books

The first in an ongoing series of novels, AMAGIA, has been written and is undergoing revisions to make sure it will be the best read it can be. The book is a murder mystery at heart, and the current manuscript is 127,835 words long: roughly 253 single-spaced pages. A second novel is also in-progress. The first novel is set after the events of the initial web serial.

About the Serial

Prior to the first book’s digital release (estimated to launch in the summer), I will be sharing a twice-weekly serial which will continue up until the release of the novel. It will update on Tuesdays and Fridays, in brief, bite-sized intervals.

About the Shorts

I will be exploring different genres and topics in the Amagiaverse through the lens of short stories. Many of these stories foreshadow forthcoming novels or events in the serial and typically focus on supporting characters. Currently, you can find the first drafts of five stories on Deviant Art.

  • Volumes of Silence
    Magic librarians deal with an intrusive, dangerous presence.
  • Shoveling Doubt
    An exorcist contends with a crisis of faith. Also, demons.
  • Two Dog Night
    A homicide reporter with a secret pursues a dangerous vendetta.
  • That Dust Life
    A small-time drug dealer gets in way over his head. (First of a forthcoming trilogy)
  • Grim Business
    A reckless and distraught mortician makes an unexpected discovery.