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I talk about writing, games, anime, and other nerdy stuff @Sarcasmancer.


At 42 Entertainment (May 2012 to October 2017), I served as a Junior Experience Designer, eventually advancing to become the company’s sole Narrative Designer. This entailed a great deal of writing, both internal and public-facing, in a wide variety of formats including advertising copy, short scripts, and various pieces of in-universe fiction. I also designed puzzles, games, and live experiences, ensuring that there was parity between the interactive and narrative elements of each campaign. A great deal of the copy I wrote is trapped in pitch decks written in response to confidential RFPs, and 42E has a policy of non-attribution. At the risk of their wrath, here are links to a few sites that I worked on.

inFAMOUS Paper Trail (2014)
Conduit Rights League: Concept, Writing
Bioframe Diagnostics: Concept, Editing, Co-Writing

Dig Decoded (2015)
Dig Decoded Puzzle Suite: Co-Writing, Puzzle Design

Order of 10 (2016)
Order of 10 Origins Puzzle Suite: Writing, Puzzle Design

Secret Order of Keyes (2017)
Molecular Smash Puzzle: Writing, Puzzle Design
Rebel Alignment Puzzle: Writing, Puzzle Design
Burger Flipping Puzzle: Writing, Puzzle Design


Amagia (In-Progress)
My newest long-form project is an contemporary fantasy novel set on a parallel Earth where the use of magic has shaped the course human history. It’s a murder mystery/cop drama at heart. The story is simpler than trespassers, but with much more robust world-building. I think it’s shaping up to be something special. Here is the tentative blurb:

Since the Wars of the Magi ended with the destruction of ancient Athens, Earth has been policed by Amagium; a near-global, apolitical entity that monitors and moderates the use of magic, while protecting humanity from otherworldly threats.

Hace would be the most promising cadet Arroyo’s Amagium had seen in decades, were it not for his haughty nature and the mixed blessing of his parentage. As a half-fae, he suffers from Akrasia, a condition causing him to periodically slip out of reality and into the surreal realms of the Faed. Alinore is a shrewd and driven student in Hace’s cohort, coping with the crushing expectations of her family’s legacy through alchemical substances. And Sevardin is a battle-weary veteran haunted by the deaths of his former teammates, his once sterling record marred by an excessive force charge.

This fledgling team must face rash protesters and murderous warlocks while peeling back the layers of a conspiracy within the Amagium itself… or the horrors of unbound magical warfare may devastate the world once again.

Check out its dedicated page for more info and frequent updates!

Trespassers (Querying)
To date, Trespassers is the most ambitious project I have undertaken, and I think it has some of my finest writing. Over the course of 4 years, and 3 major drafts, the manuscript is complete at 264K words. I am currently querying agents and seeking publication. Have a jacket blurb:

Holden has spent an entire year alone, working from home, avoiding human contact and eking out a sad existence built on escapist pleasures. His purgatory is interrupted by a strange visitor who gives him a strange gift: each night, he must relive the past 24 hours through the eyes of a person he saw that day.

First, he experiences life as Lark, a short-tempered young woman who goes trespassing for sport and illicitly audits college classes. Next, he becomes Reza, a brilliant fraud haunted by conflicting memories. With his interest in the outside world reignited, Holden seeks out Lark and Reza and they agree to help him explore his gift.

The trio falls down a rabbit hole of conspiracy and corruption, landing in Los Angeles’ magical underworld, where they are recruited by an opulent and ruthless syndicate. But Reza’s new employers are the people who ruined his former life, and he seeks revenge from within their ranks. Meanwhile, Lark awakens an earth-shattering power that plays a role in a prophesied ritual. And when Holden discovers his demonic visitor has manipulated events to suit an even darker purpose, he must determine where his loyalties lie and use his gift to avert a cataclysm.

If that sounds interesting and you are fond of board games, I am also developing a board game set in the same universe. Check it out on the dedicated  Trespassers page.

The Harrowing (Complete – Hiatus)
The Harrowing was a fun project and I learned a lot by writing it, but right now it’s resting on the back burner. Like most first efforts, it suffers from a few rookie mistakes, and ultimately may work better as a graphic novel script than a book. Someday I hope to revisit it and find the right format for it. Here’s the jacket blurb:

To the living, it seems like happenstance killed Jack Hoyle. But after waking in the strange netherworld of Chthonia, where memories are currency and the architecture changes like the weather, he learns his death was anything but accidental. A ruthless psychopomp named Graves arranged Jack’s demise to recruit him into a ghostly tournament known as The Harrowing. Judged by a being that dwarfs deities, champions compete for the ultimate prize: returning to life. The rules are arcane, the arenas defy logic,  and the roster consists of the most dangerous souls culled from countless worlds. But Graves knows something others don’t: Jack is uniquely qualified to bend the rules. Aided by a mysterious spirit, a deceased goddess, and the ghost of his former house cat, he must undergo traumatizing training, navigate the afterlife, and slay opponents both hellish and honorable—without losing his soul in the process.


Eliathan’s Wake: A stand-alone story set in the Trespassers universe several years before the events of the novel. One has almost no bearing on the other, but if you like dragons and murder, give it a read!

As magic fades from the Earth, a dragon embarks on a quest to avenge his friend’s death and recover a stolen grimoire.


Sympathy: The Devil walks into a bar and tries to do some selfless good in the world. (Published on

Ahematolazaria: There’s nothing sexy about ‘living’ with vampirism. (Unpublished)


I went to Georgia Tech to study video games and video game criticism, with a particular emphasis on the ways games tell stories and create meaning for players. My faculty advisers were Ian Bogost, Celia Pearce, and Janet Murray. Elizabeth Losh was an external faculty reviewer. Two years of independent research and writing culminated in my masters thesis: The Interpretive Spiral: An Analytical Rubric for Videogame Interpretation, which presents a methodology for ‘close-reading’  single-player video games.

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