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The Harrowing
To the living, it seems like happenstance killed Jack Hoyle. But after waking in the strange netherworld of Chthonia, where memories are currency and the architecture changes like the weather, he learns his death was anything but accidental. A ruthless psychopomp named Graves arranged Jack’s demise to recruit him into a ghostly tournament known as The Harrowing. Judged by a being that dwarfs deities, champions compete for the ultimate prize: returning to life. The rules are arcane, the arenas defy logic,  and the roster consists of the most dangerous souls culled from countless worlds. But Graves knows something others don’t: Jack is uniquely qualified to bend the rules. Aided by a mysterious spirit, a deceased goddess, and the ghost of his former house cat, he must undergo traumatizing training, navigate the afterlife, and slay opponents both hellish and honorable—without losing his soul in the process.

The Harrowing was a fun project and I learned a lot by writing it, but right now it’s resting on the back burner. Like most first efforts, it suffers from a few rookie mistakes, and ultimately may work better as a graphic novel script than a book. Someday I hope to revisit it and find the right format for it.

Short Stories

Sympathy: The Devil walks into a bar and tries to do some selfless good in the world. Published on

Ahematolazaria: There’s nothing sexy about ‘living’ with vampirism.

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