Since my junior year in college, I have been writing Sarcasmancy, a casual blog where I  review and analyze games, books, movies, television, comics and other forms of contemporary entertainment. Occasionally I get political or rant about current events. Lately, I’ve been publishing things on Medium, though recent articles will eventually make their way to the blog as well.


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The Technique

From November 2011 to April 2012, I served as the Entertainment Editor of The Technique, Georgia Tech’s school newspaper. The Georgia Collegiate Press Association recently recognized The Technique with a number of awards including first place for General Excellence in the state of Georgia. Below, I have listed all the articles I have written for the paper as a contributing writer, a staff writer, an assistant editor and editor.

Monday Night Combat: A damn fine downloadable game. Worth every penny. 4/5

Civilization V: Hm. This one didn’t get uploaded but it was published. I was quite impressed by the game, though I have never played Civ before, so I may not be the best judge. 4/5

Halo: Reach: A fitting farewell to the double-ought era’s most solid console FPS series. 4/5

Minecraft: A groundbreaking (ha!) indie release and an absolute must-play. 5/5

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (Swedish Film): Ah Stieg Larson. Damn shame you didn’t go on to write more, because your last book, and this movie that was based on it, kind of sucked. 3/5 (though looking back, 2/5 is more accurate)

Chastain Parks Art Festival:  This review got kind of butchered and the title they chose for it sounds nasty. There was an interview that got cut and…. argh. I prefer not to talk about this one. (that said, the festival is nothing special) 3/5

Call of Duty: Black Ops: The campaign is unimaginative and oppressively scripted, but the multiplayer is better than MW2. 3/5

Holeman & Finch: A fantastic gastropub in the buckhead area of Atlanta. 5/5

The Cape: The show is about as lame as its title. 2/5 (Mistakenly published as 3/5)

Black Swan: A fantastic pas de deux of ballet and psychological horror. You can also read the extended review here! 5/5

No Strings Attached: Cleverer than you’d expect, but still painfully predictable. 3/5

Dead Space 2: The sequel makes substantial improvements to the series, but it still doesn’t feel equal to the sum of its pilfered parts. 3/5

Atlanta Comic-Con: This event is for serious comic collectors only. Less of a convention and more of a swap-meet. 2/5

Sleeping Beauty: Atlanta Ballet executes the classic romance with grace and technical prowess. 5/5

Cirque Mechancis: A “family friendly” take on Cirque du Soleil in the Wild West. Easy laughs, awful pantomime, and an injury erode the fun and merit of the performance. 2/5

Bulletstorm: This game is crass, bombastic and not quite deep enough to be a classic, but it’s genuinely fun and a welcome departure from COD, Halo, and Gears. 4/5

Adjustment Bureau: Ignore the Inception-esque advertising; this is a surprisingly sappy romance with sci-fi window-dressing and spiritual undertones. 3/5

A Dance with Dragons: A Dance with Dragons makes it clear that what George RR Martin’s epic saga really needs is a more stringent editor. 3/5

Dragon*Con 2011: If the world’s nerds could band together and design a holiday, it would look a lot like Dragon*Con. 5/5

Married Life in School (Editorial): Long-Distance Relationships.

Uncharted 3: A good game that is not paced quite as well as it’s predecessor 4/5

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls series stuns with a world of oceanic breadth and depth. 5/5

Abattoir: A stylish restaurant in West Side Provisions District that caters to discerning carnivores. 5/5

The Princess and The Goblin: A light-hearted, kid-friendly ballet with lively choreography by Twyla Tharp. 4/5

Finding Community with the Technique (Editorial): My swan-song; basically one big inside joke for the benefit of The Technique staff.

Avengers Vs. X-men (Interview-Preview): I interview Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about their big cross-over event for the Summer of 2012

Restaurant Eugene: One of the finest dining experiences I ever had, Restaurant Eugene represents contemporary american cuisine at the top of its game.



I was a part of the Newsgames research group at Georgia Tech, and I wrote a couple of blog entries for them:

Dilma’s Adventure!: Dilma Rousseff is Brazil’s first female president, and the first Brazilian presidential candidate to have a video game made about her. It kind of sucks.

The Online Migration of Political Cartoons: A follow-up to my earlier post about the decline of the political cartoons in papers.

Decline and Future of Political Cartoons: I examined the current state of the political cartooning industry. It’s rather bleak.

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