ConQuesting is a cosplay photo-scavenger hunt coming to your favorite con. Select your quest, track down your favorite characters and other paragons of pop culture, then return to the quest givers to claim a souvenir reward! Follow our Facebook page to join in the fun and meet us at our next appearance: DragonCon 2017!

How does this work?
The core concept is pretty simple: we give you a quest (usually asking you for a photo of a specific character, cosplay, prop, or nerdy reference) and if you complete it and show us your picture, we give you a pouch containing a humble reward.

We give out two kinds of quests. Mystery Quests are written on souvenir scrolls. These quests are one-of-a-kind and fairly easy, requiring little-to-no familiarity with any specific franchise or fandom. Alternatively, you can challenge yourself with an Epic Quest! These do not have physical scrolls. Rather, you handpick a quest from your favorite fandom listed in our Epic Quest Tome (or from a google doc that will be posted here closer to the con).

How do I find you?
Our location will vary throughout the con. Check our facebook page for announcements, and follow @Sarcasmancer on twitter for moment-to-moment updates. We sport massive banners that make us easy to spot, and are generally in costume.

Will You Come to My Con?
If you are interested in having us attend your convention, please shoot me an email at!

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