Akrasia is my newest long-form fiction project. If fate and fortune cooperate, it will be the book that gets me published. Third time’s the charm!

The Concept
I originally set out to write a blend of Brian Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim and Daniel O’Malley’s The Rook, with a dash of V.E. Schwab’s Darker Shade of Magic, but it is shaping up to be Law and Order: Supernatural Crimes Unit with alternate history flourishes. I am completely fine with this turn of events. Like Trespassers, it is a contemporary fantasy novel with heavy elements of urban fantasy… but it is set on an Earth that has been estranged by the ubiquitous and prominent influence of magic.

The World
People and places familiar to our world also appear in Akrasia‘s Earth, though their roles and historical significance have often been scrambled. When the world building process settles down a bit, I may share some of the docs explaining its intricacies and eccentricities. We’re talking about a unique calendar system, different modes of speech, remapped political borders, bestiary, naming conventions… true Deep Nerd shit.

Tentative Blurb
Since the Wars of the Magi ended with the destruction of ancient Athens, Earth has been policed by Amagium; a near-global, apolitical entity that monitors and moderates the use of magic, while protecting humanity from otherworldly threats.

Hace would be the most promising cadet Arroyo’s Amagium had seen in decades, were it not for his haughty nature and a mixed blessing bestowed by his unusual parentage. Alinore is a shrewd and driven student in Hace’s cohort, desperate to live up to the crushing expectations of her family’s legacy. And Sevardin is a once-decorated officer now suspended for misconduct, haunted by the loss of his team.

This fledgling team must face rash protesters and murderous warlocks while peeling back the layers of a conspiracy within the Amagium itself… or the horrors of unbound magical warfare may devastate the world once again.

Sneak Peek
Everything here is subject to drastic change, but because I’m excited and eager to share, here is the rough draft of the first chapter.


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