Hey! I’m Hank Whitson: avid gamer, narrative designer, and storyteller. You can find my resume here, a selection of writing samples here, and my list of services here.

I am accepting freelance work in the Los Angeles area, and looking for another creative team to join full time. My current slate of personal projects include a contemporary fantasy novel, and an associated board game.

Recently, I worked as 42 Entertainment‘s Narrative Designer where I wrote fictional websites, universe bibles, scripts, slogans, and more. I have also designed puzzles, UI, games, and live events.

Prior to my work with 42E, I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and came back to my native California with a Masters Degree in Digital Media. It’s a degree means many things to many people; for me, it is essentially a comparative literature degree filtered through the lens of video game design and criticism. While I was at Tech, I worked as a graduate researcher analyst and served as the Entertainment Editor for the award-winning school paper, The Technique.

Before heading to Atlanta, I matriculated at University of California at Irvine, where I earned my BA in English with an elective, departmental emphasis in creative writing. I also learned the basics of Iaido and sold books for the local Barnes & Noble.

In high school, I studied ballet to woo the woman of my dreams.

Now I live with her in Duarte, where we are happily owned by three black cats. During my off-hours, I play games, mix drinks, and consume fiction in every format available to me, with a particular taste for anime.  I also enjoy traveling, skiing, collecting masks, and cosplay.

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